Reach unbelievable strength and great looks of your abs! Strength you can't even imagine today begins with the first exercise of the iCore & Abs app. Train with the most nontraditional exercises, which you might not have ever seen. All workout exercises are explained with audio and video and the app trains with you!

A summary of advantages the app brings you:
• daily training, maximally 5-10 minutes
• enormous muscle growth due to the short but effective training
• development of skeletal muscles (your skeleton will be able to do more work)
• muscle tuning (up to 400% of your strength)
• brain tuning (upgrade the power of your brain hemispheres)
• upgrade your coordination skills and many more...

Goals the iCore & Abs app will help you reach:
• increase the power and stability of your body core (29 muscles in 4 groups)
• increase physical strength of your body
• prevention against injuries for young, old and professional athletes
• you might be able to remove imbalance of your pelvis and back muscles (or even flat feet)
• in combination with healthy nutrition you can improve the esthetics of your abs (the so-called six-pack).
• you can increase your physical strength up to 400% of the beginning level (the strength percentage is calculated by the athletes body mass and the ability to work with it)

The iCore & Abs application was developed by a team of professionals:
• Vlado Zlatoš (professional athlete, health consultant and parkour & freerun teacher)
• Martin Herman (the only 16 year old programmer of this application)
• Filip Kubiš (the team's manager)

Price: 5.49 €

Version: 1.3

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iCore & Abs

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